About Us

What is the Self-Cut System?

Self-Cut System, LLC, founded by Ryford Estores in 2008, is the leader in men’s self grooming hair care industry. Focused on men’s unique need for grooming services, Self-Cut System was developed to provide men with a fresh, professional haircut without relying on costly, time-consuming barbershop visits. Self-Cut System introduces a lifestyle that embraces the elements of urban life with its detailed educational App and patent- pending three-way mirror, which allows men to take control of their image and their hairstyle. Specializing in techniques for the trendiest hairstyles from caesars to fades, to beard and mustache trimming, Self-Cut System is exploding in the style-conscious urban community.


Who We Are?

At the age of just 16 years old, Ryford Estores operated his own barber chair in the Westchester, NY area. With 15 years of experience in the men’s hair care industry, Mr. Estores envisioned an innovative product for self-grooming and quickly became the inventor behind the Self-Cut System brand. Mr. Estores recognizes the need for an alternative to barber shops and developed the first mobile educational program in self-grooming.

Where to Find Us?

Self-Cut System is available exclusively on our website and Amazon.com. Future retail locations are being added. Please join our email list for the latest news regarding our availability.