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What is the Self-Cut System?

Self-Cut System LLC was founded by Ryford Estores in 2008. Self-Cut System is the #1 Do it yourself (DIY) product on the market for men’s self grooming and haircuts. Self-Cut System was developed to teach men how to give themselves a professional looking haircut and cut out a costly time consuming barbershop visit. We keep you looking fresh and keep money in your pocket.

Self-Cut System embraces urban culture and highlights the latest styles and trends for our customers in a free educational app available on Itunes and the Google Play Store. This combined with our patent-pending three way mirror, allows men to take control of their image and give themselves the perfect haircut!


Where to Find Us?

Self-Cut System is available on our website and at Amazon.com. Future retail locations are being added. Please join our email list for the latest news regarding our availability.

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