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8 Steps to Building a $3 Million Hair-Care Brand Using Social Media

Today, thanks to social media, you don't need an enormous ad budget to communicate with your customers. You can reach them organically -- if you understand who they are and what motivates them.
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Inc Magazine
Learn How This Millennial Bootstrapped a Multi-Million Business From Scratch

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and often generate some of the most dynamic ideas in the market. Millennial entrepreneurs, often trying to build a side hustle into a full time business while working full time, can be creative and focused on building on the desire for experiential experiences. This can make it difficult to stand out, attract funding, build a brand, and establish yourself, so those that do are worth noticing.
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Black Enterprise
Entrepreneur of the Week: Ryford Estores, Self Cut System

Saving time and money—not to mention looking good—are core tenets of entrepreneurship. Ryford Estores, a born entrepreneur, knows that as well as anyone—and he has thus blended all three features in his development of The Self-Cut System, a unique three-way mirror that enables anyone to cut his own hair.
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914 Magazine
2013 Wunderkinds

Ryford Estores, the 29-year-old founder and CEO of Self-Cut System, a line of self-grooming products, launched his company in his mother’s Ossining basement in 2008. Now Estores hopes his Self-Cut System, which includes a patent-pending three-way mirror that hangs from a door, will revolutionize the way men and women think about haircuts.
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