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A true embodiment of prestige, we proudly introduce The Self-Cut System Kings Gold edition. The first-ever 14 Karat Gold Plated Three Way Mirror is finally here! Designed for the elite, titans of industry, and barber influencers alike. Our Kings Gold edition keeps you looking fresh on your journey to conquering your challenges and overcoming all obstacles on your path to greatness! Taking Self-Grooming to the Kings Gold level separates the elite self-haircutter from the casual first timer. Comes with built-in high quality LED lights to allow you to see everything regardless of your current lighting situation. Better lighting means a better haircut! It's great for fading and blending, and daily touch ups. Your high end solution to cutting your own hair at home is finally here! 


  • Gold plated 100% Glass Mirror w/LED lights
  • 10ft cord plug in
  • Weight 5.2 lbs
  • Size/dimensions: 9.5"x14" per panel
  • Retail box Dimensions 16x11x3
  • Two Mounting Height Adjustable Brackets
  • 1 Year Warranty (Lights Only)
  • Download FREE Tutorial APP: Self Cut System
  • Note for international orders: a converter might be required 120V/60h
Download FREE Tutorial App: Self-Cut System



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