SCS 3.0 Travel Version

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Are you the on-the-go business man that’s always hopping planes? We know that you are busy and scheduling a haircut may seem impossible at times. For those who are always traveling, we are introducing our SCS 3.0 Travel Version. Our specially designed travel mirror has all of the features of our Black Lambo three way mirror but is further break resistant, integrated height adjustable hooks and is a real lightweight compared to our other products for easy traveling. Get yours today!

SCS 3.0 Travel Version

  • break resistant (superior break & impact resistance)
  • light weight (less than one half the weight of glass)
  • height adjustable
  • portable
  • hangs from any door
  • hangers retract
  • mirror folds flat for easy storage
  • Size/dimensions: 7.75" H x 1" W x 12.5"

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  1. Dark/ Light Caesar
  2. Fade
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